Here you will find a list of projects, listed by code name, currently in production by Xenokos Interactive. There’s no release dates yet, as we’re a small group and we’re still learning what to expect during game development. If you have questions about any of them, drop us a line!

Active Project:

Tempestus Sum

Style: Visual Novel
Genres: Adventure, Science Fiction
Plot: Five college students find themselves taken from home to a strange world where nothing makes sense. They must fight to survive and learn to work together, all while a mysterious figure looms in the distance, tugging at the strings of their destinies.

Upcoming Projects:

Project Blackwood

Style: Point-and-Click Adventure
Genre: Adventure, Mystery
Plot: Jasmine’s uncle has gone dark, and she’s brought two friends with her to investigate his mansion on a private island. What’s become of him, and why has his home become booby-trapped?